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Is anyone else already planning the exact videos they'll make?


youre creative yo, bet u could think up of several on the go ^-^


Aww thanks Ahmed! But fr, you’re talking about someone who forgot to close the tap after brushing her teeth.


Then there’s nothin to worry abt! Chill🙏


Just my way of using humour mate.


Haha! You got me


I only heard about v2 today but i already have a few ideas


I have plenty ideas written down and a few videos already made. Still doing relatable college stuff but also introducing my 6 alter ego(s).


It’s been almost a year, how many now?


Hmm bout 37


Still? Get ideas nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, (that’s a joking kind of shout)


Really? I thought I was behind with 600-700 :astonished:


next year am staying all night in Real Mary Kings close Edinburgh its been on Ghost hunters international so all am going to film it all for byte


ideas come naturally tbh. i got a notepad writing down every single one

i truly believe that if you’re a creative person…you will have unlimited ideas GUARANTEED


i have too many ideas :joy:


YES!!! I’m planning to start making them this December so I have a ton to upload when Byte is released!!! I have a whole list on my phone with ideas! So hyped!!!