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Is anyone else already planning the exact videos they'll make?


I’ve planned, but the edit is gonna get cut off so rethinking I should wait till it comes out


How!? :laughing:


I stick to a specific type of content that ik will grab peoples attention. Try and get something relatable and funny that isnt too offensive or off track. Just aim for what you like to do, and youll never know, maybe other people will enjoy that! :revolving_hearts:


I ummm yeah pfff totally


Are u joking or emphasising?


I have already started to write them down :yum::yum:


I’ve some raw ideas in my mind. I’m not sure if it’s gonna work or not.
Are there any comedians here?? Who have got some good ideas!


well I THINK I’m a comedian :joy::joy::joy: I also THINK I have some good ideas but I guess we’ll see :joy:


I have already made 9 of them but do t have to many other ideas


Not joking at all lol


I have like 2 books filled with ideas and my notes on my phone are filled with ideas too and I’ve already started buying and making stuff :joy::sweat_smile:


me got loads of ideas as well going to have videos ready to post


And there’s me who had many ideas and wrote them in a book and don’t even remember any one of them after a few months… when I read them after a couple of months since I wrote, I was like 'whatha heck this Shakespeare thing is!'🤷


i beleieve i have a bunch of unlimited ideas.

i literally have my ideas since jan written down somewhere, theyre just waiting to be filmed


i have about 120 ideas in my notes lol


I have so many on my notes app but my phone is broken… Hopefully they’re not lost, it contains ideas dating back from January onwards :worried::worried: luckily I have 10 pages worth in my notebook.


Can’t you import it in another device? Like signing in with Google account likewise🤔


I forgot all my ideas, but I thought of some new byte puns in the last few days, lol


Same here bud😂


I used the Samsung Notes app, so it could only be accessed with a Samsung account. Stupid me didn’t make an account so I cant access it. I’m hoping that the screen is the only thing that’s broken, because if the motherboard is damaged, all my files could be lost.