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Is anyone else already planning the exact videos they'll make?


I have a notebook that I’ve been filling with the random ideas I get and writing outlines for them because I’m soooooo excited! anyone else?

Byte Vids Ideas?
Is anyone else making lists of video ideas?

Me too. I’m 157 ideas in…lol


There’s quite a few threads discussing this matter. Seems like a bunch of people have either already shot some stuff, or they have ideas written down


Everyone try to use the other threads that already discuss this topic.


Yeah, i have 20 ideas


157? Damnn u have videos for a year!


woah damn! give me a few days and I’ll probably have about that many at the rate I’m going :joy:


ah sorry, I searched but I couldn’t find one :joy: I’ll take another look.


I’ve got a few wrote down but 157!? Dayum


I made two videos that I’m sitting on so far. To tell you guys the truth I haven’t made content in over a year so I’m feeling a little rusty :sleepy:


Come on man we all know it’s you only have 156 ideas in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me too! Im at around 150 and i still have more


Dang dude, that’s crazy! I’m only 55 in. I’m kinda picky I think haha


I’m bout 36 ideas rn


im 97 ideas down and 15 raw videos none edited. thinking if i should save the raw ideas or post them on another platform while i get other ideas


Am I the only one that haven’t wrote down ideas yet?


nah I’m sure there are other people :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I do have a handful of ideas, some humorous and some artsy, however, most of the stuff I’ll end up posting might end up being very in the moment. I’m gonna make a team with my buddy and we’re just gonna post things we find funny :slight_smile:


ah sweet! that sounds fun! I’m definitely more excite for v2 the my friends are :joy:


I had these ideas back when Vine was around but I was much later to the app