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Informal/Formal Language on byte

Many social media companies tend to use formal language for just about everything. This is mostly because these companies want to target the largest possible demographic to gain more consumers, which ultimately means using formal language to not make some people get the wrong idea that the platform is made specifically for kids or teens.

However, not all social media companies do this. One example is Hold Still, Inc. (previously known as HYPERHYPER®️), the company who made PHHHOTO. PHHHOTO had a unique design and a unique use of informal language that attracted many users, especially during its first few months. For example, when you entered your password wrong, the app would pop up a message on top of the screen that said “R U DRUNK?”. Point being, PHHHOTO always kept its unique style while still aiming for a large demographic consisting of users 13 years old or over.

Will V2 adopt some informal language for its interface or will V2 stick to using completely formal language?


It could be a smart business move for v2. Kind of like how Wendys did the whole twitter beef thing. No company would really ever think of it, but it worked out amazingly. Other companies tried to do it but failed… pretty hard -cough- Youtube -cough-.

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It seems like a really cool idea !

I don’t understand

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I’ll try to simplify this further… Another example of this would be how the Discord app has a welcome screen with informal text attached to it instead of solely consisting of “WELCOME” and the logo on it. Discord uses informal language all the time throughout various parts of their app to make it seem more user-friendly and try to make the app have more a human-like interface. I’m just wondering if byte is going to be doing anything similar to this and adopt informal language to use on their app.


I feel like byte will probably be kinda playful, difficult to say from an outside point of view but it lightens things up a bit