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Infinity Stones


Hmm… Possibly reality.


reality is the only logical answer.


Everybody is saying the time stone. My first choice. But y’all sleeping on the mind stone. :eyes:
Soooo I’m going with the mind stone.


Either time or reality. Time because I could rewind any dumb things or bad things that could be prevented in my life, but reality because I could change reality. :thinking:


It would either be the space or time stone, but I think I have to go with the space stone because I want to be able to instantly travel to any location in the universe.


definitely the reality stone


reality stone cause it would be the ultimate writing tool
i could literally bring my books to life


I’d chose Byte


Ok wait does reality actually change reality or does it just make it look different? Also, what does the mind stone even do? I’m a fan and I’ve seen all the MCU movies and I feel bad for not knowing.


Space Stone so I can travel to Florida and be with my girlie x3


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t actually change reality, it just makes it look different. Think of how Thanos did his monologue about Titan, and used the Reality Stone to make the planet look younger. Or how he made the illusion that Gamora killed him on Knowhere.


Right, but when Peter pulled the trigger wouldn’t it have killed Gamora?


Oh right. Hmm…maybe it can do both? xD

Thanos did say “Reality can be whatever I want,” so I guess he has the ability to decide what actually happens or not.


I would pick time stone


Well in that case, I’ll choose reality.


Jajajajjaa i agree