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Indian Music Recommendations?


If could some here some good Indian music that includes people of punjabi descent, I’d like to hear it


mundian to bach ke

also arctic monkeys


Every non-Asian knows that lmao.


did somebody say T-SERIES?


you should check out this YouTube channel called t-series, they post really good Indian music and I think you would like it :ok_hand:


tbh there’s a couple i like but they’re v cheesey


You should check out this YouTube channel called Pewdiepie :tipping_hand_woman:‍♀


Didnt know the title if I heard this song till I heard it, but man I’ve heard this song quite a lot from Indian people :laughing:


At least in the USa, I cant tell you how many times I’ve heard that in an Indian wedding


Nope :-1: (just kidding) :laughing:


Didn’t think about that, but now realizing how obvious that is. Thanks


Dont be embarrassed. Share me some links. I wont judge.


His diss track to t-series was pretty funny I’m not going to lie :laughing: