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In app editing: bad idea


I’ve seen a few people request in app editing, however, not only will this take a lot time to code, postponing the release date again, but it’ll also make the app super glitchy and 100% crash at some points which is super annoying to people who don’t have the latest devices.
Just my opinion though, what do you guys think?


yeah makes sense.

additionally since we’ll be able to upload from our camera roll we can just edit vids on our computer.


i think you have no knowlage of how programming works trust me i did some of that and the whole point of updates is to improve somthing so in app editing (which people want) improves customer satisfaction more features does not mean more buggy.


If an in-app editing system will take too long, it can come out after the app. Just because it has it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll crash, but it’ll probably be buggy at first. I think it should be OK granted that it’s executed properly, and crashing doesn’t destroy all your data.


I think we should have in-app editing !!


I think that in app editing would be a good idea though. It might push back the release date, but if they put it out after it was released, then it would be a good idea and would be helpful for people who don’t really want to edit much, but might just want to add sometype of filter or text. I also don’t think that it would be much more buggy than other things could be in the app, and some apps such as youtube have already proved that it is a feature that could be implemented.


Depends what kind of Editing you mean

Instagram Type Editing
Or Simple Type Editing where you can record bits and cut them


reasonable explanation i agree


I don’t think people are requesting adobe quality editing tools… the app just has to be able to compete with similar platforms (Snapchat, instagram…). Basic tools like filters, music overlay, etc. will be sufficient, at least at first.


I think it wouldn’t make videos as interesting either tbh, I like the whole quick cut idea


i think dom said no to filters a while back :sweat_smile:




Maybe in a few months after the app is launch dom can update the app and put an editor


Idk. I think camera roll is a good idea but in app editing is a little gimmicky.


Did he mean no filters like the filters on Snapchat, where it adds actual added overlays to your vid, or just color overlays where it make the color warmer, sepia, black and white, etc…?


Because like @ash said, it would be good to have basic things like filters, trimming, text, music, or sound effects.


I think sepia stuff


tbh i never really used any of the in app editors of other apps, they never really satisfied my vision, i always use third party editors to post


It’s an interesting feature to have when well done. But it does take long to create.

It could be a feature to be implemented later on, when the platform is already there


we want in-editing app and thats that.