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Important threads


Important Threads

Here is a list of helpful/popular threads in the byte forums! I know sometimes it can be somewhat difficult to find informational threads, so this topic can hopefully aide you in finding what you need. :smiley:

General - Threads that talk about the forums or discord:

Byte Social media :twitter: - Threads that talk about the official byte social media:

Byte bulletins and updates - Byte Bulletin/update threads:

Ideas and feature requests - Threads with info about previously requested ideas and features:

Community activities - Fun threads you can participate in:

I hope that this can help you navigate the forums a little easier, and please tell me if I missed anything. :smiley:

Your contributions are welcome :+1:


Thanks it’s nice to have them organized and all in one place


No problem! :grin:


This is super helpful.:ok_hand:


I like how clean and organized this is sksksksksks


Bumping because useful


Can How To Get All Badges [Getting Started] be added to the general section?


Yeah, I forgot about that thread. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll add it right now😃