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Implementation of AR on byte

Hello! :smiley::wave: Had another few questions recently…

For the posible iOS/iPadOS versions of byte, will any AR features be implemented in the camera inside the app? If so, will it use AR Kit 3 or other software? And finally, what measurements will be taken in order to make these possible implementations of AR appropriate from an ethical standpoint and appropriate for its intended audiences?

Note: Feel free to reply to this topic including measurements you think should be included and/or your opinion on whether byte should include AR.


Question, what does AR means?


Augmented Reality


Like Dan said it’s augmented reality.

Its like adding digital elements pinned in real surroundings. Like Snapchat filters and stuff


Oh, tbh I don’t want any of that on there.


I also go with his opinion, since we are adding features to the byte app which are similar to other apps. Let Byte be unique on it’s own.


Maybe further down the line lol, tbh it could be cool if Byte did something more creative than just their own AR camera things. Like making it possible for others outside of the core developing team to make their own AR animations or features. Like a User friendly AR maker!

But then again when making apps I always think about how it’s easier/cheaper to let the users customize whatever they want and let them share it with others under the same app(if it’s for asocial media app anyways)…it let’s people be creative and the community grows by itself ($Kashing :money_mouth_face:) but it’s also a ton of work to make “customizing” a feature in any application…

Back in college I could never finish a single project because it takes a lot of effort while in your mind there is always room for improvement and then the anxiety kicks in while you wonder why did you even choose this career when you’ve been lazy your whole life remembering the naivety of when you where sure you will someday make games, but know you are just a broken man trying to see where to go next in this futile existence…

so let’s hope the app takes off and then our friends in the staff can shine with their advancements! :grin:

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AR is cool, but imagine… VR Byte. Eh? EHH?


Sounds fun, but I think adding VR to byte would really take away value from one of its most important, distinguishable characteristics: simplicity. However, a separate version of byte in VR would be super interesting to see… :face_with_monocle:


Yeah. Not completely sure how a Byte VR would opperate, but if I had to guess, I’s say it’d be like literally being inside someone’s Byte. Like you’re actually there in the skit of your favorite Byter or something. Bit of a rough idea but it sounds cool on paper.