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There Is this subreddit called r/ImGoingToHellForThis and they make pretty good content. Is it possible that that type of dark and edgy content is acceptable in Byte? The reason I am asking this is because dank content like this is one of the reasons why Vine is so popular.
My plan is to ask the moderators is they are interested in expanding their network beyond Reddit and to Byte where they will be able to create short funny videos instead of pictures.
I have been on that subreddit for a long time and they have great potential to expand their influence.
So what do you guys think? Is this a great idea or not?


Sounds like a great idea !


I like edgy content so I’m for this


edgy humor could make a serious comeback. One of the reasons Youtube is pushing to be “family friendly” is because it’s tv now. Also soooooo OVERSATURATED.
Byte could save the interwebs. lol


I love edgy humor and would love for it to come back but I don’t think it will. The reason why YouTube is being more “family friendly” is really to be more “advertiser friendly”. Vine got away with edgy content because there were no advertisers which is one of the reasons it led to its downfall. Byte wants to have monetization so I would assume byte wants to become “advertiser friendly” so I doubt the edgy humor would be the same back in the day.


I’m a serious lover of edgy humor and I think the creators of byte know that it’s something that really made vine stand out so much. If they want that same kind of impact they’ll have to have some room for edgy content. I don’t know why/how they wouldn’t find a way to compromise between monetization and content. Idk though, just my two cents.


I think we ALL love edgy/dark humor. Nah jk but I’m into this