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IMessage group chat, Snapchat group chat & other social media gc suggestions?


I’ve seen a lot of people who are doing group chats, but they are mostly for Instagram and Twitter… I think we should expand ourselves into other platforms of social media to actually discuss and share ideas… with that said if anyone would like to join a groupchat on iMessage (so it’s worldwide) or through Snapchat, as well, i believe that you should feel free enough to leave your other social media links below, just state which social media it is! I believe we need to start a family… plan ahead, and join together!


idk if I’m going to change my Snapchat name (for a good reason cause mine is cringe :joy:) but if I do I will tell you my new snap!




It’s too early in the relationship for iMessage :joy:


No thank you. I do not want to give my Apple ID. :sweat_smile: But maybe others will…?


There are many groups of Snapchat, I am in two or three


Problem with iMessage is that you have to share personal info, but I’d be happy with sharing my sc (annsquake)


I don’t have imessage but my snapchat is juliethegreat26


I am up for Snapchat tbh, I’m @sshitboi


sc: kaikai213


Snap: chaz_pretzel


@jamesry21 on all accounts!


Snapchat is LadyLoLinda
So is Twitter and Instagram :slight_smile:


snapchat: tyrellwild


does anyone here use GroupMe? it’s a good alternative to iMessage bc you only have to give e-mail. and it works for android & iphone and has the option for individual/gc.


I love groupme i even made one for V2 but i never shared the link🤷🏾‍♀️


what’s the link !!? let’s get people on that $$$ groupme grind $$$


You’re invited to my new group ‘V2 Groupchat’ on GroupMe. Click here to join:


@cybergirlfriend hopefully we can get people to join.


snap: jiggywiggy123