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I'm dropping out of college, quitting my job and leaving my wife to be a Byte Star


I figured i need as few distractions as possible when i start my Byte career so i’ve decided to drop out of my business degree to focus on Byting full time. Everyone in my life says quitting my successful job at Jimmy Johns is a bad career move but i know it will just hold me back (creatively). Lastly i don’t want my pesky wife to try and claim responsibility for my success once the big bucks start rolling in so this evening i am giving her my two weeks notice. The next step is probably to move to LA but i don’t wanna get too ahead of myself. Any (constructive) criticism is welcome!

Just forum things (byte forum yearbook)

me too im dropping out of high school, also getting pregnant so i could get more attention
wish me luck!


don’t forget go broke and get on drugs when you move to LA


me too, I am going to be leaving my whole family and moving to LA with just my dog, giving my fam a 2 weeks notice as well


This made me cringe so hard please dear god stop


i’m guessing a gofundme is out of the question


raise money to go and gamble in vegas while your at it


Im dropping out of college, getting married, getting a divorce, and have 3 kids to get as much attention.


Who said this before?


Drop out squad lol…



…(clears throat)


AHAHA love this :’)


wait what, this sarcasm am I right? :grin::joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


yeah it is. Pardon my stupidity


u gotta get in the discord man


Thx for the lols


i shall also follow in these footsteps


me too lol I’m so dropping out of existence :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


fuck yeah dude


I was thinking about doing the same thing as well. I think I’ll give everyone a notice when I’m in LA. I’ll tell them I’m not coming back anytime soon.