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If you had a trillion dollars


You’re really going to need a big wallet for that😂 Like the username by the way. What inspired it?


Thanks! The name came from my field of study. I majored in theology in college.


at least the more i spend on the wallet the smaller it has to be

i wad typing mot for mozzarella but i spelled it wrong so i decided to stop there why worry aboutt past mistakes no regrets yolo


I’d definitely want to use most of the money for charity and help those in need, and use the rest for myself like traveling and buying mansions lol


Uhhhhhh… is bitcoin still a thing? I’d probably help advance space travel technology and environment stuff, just cuz. I’d also buy a bunch of pizza and food brands, so I can eat there for free :grin:


Nah. I just want to fly around and stuff. Thor and Hulk would be impossible to create irl anyways.


Nice, glad that’s what inspired your username


Makes sense now that I’m reading that.


Giving back with your money is a noble cause. What inspired your username?


Like buying food brands so you can eat there for free.


I understand. Being iron man would be pretty cool


yeaaahhhh. I think it’s a good purchase


True I’d buy Little Debbie and eat zebra cakes for the rest of my life.


I would made a mansion of waflles, jk (not really(maybe)).
I will use a big part for charity, i will build a home for my mom in a place she enjoys and I would invest in my country.


oh I just decided to use my first name as my user lol


I know if it was me, I’d be eating pizza for free al day😂


For me it I would be a lot of pizza


Like the idea of a house made of waffles😂 Respect the fact that you would donate to charity and give back. What inspired your username?


Makes sense


Good question. I would buy clothes and stupid stuff I want but I would also create some humanitarian aid programmes. I would also give the money to people who want to go to college but can’t afford it and to animals refugees for example.