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If you had a trillion dollars


i’ll buy ihob then change it back to ihop, boom


lad, that would cause a worldwide economic boom. Idk if the world is ready for that yet


i woudl buy a really big wallet to put it in and then big pants that would fit the wallet in


I feel ya. I’d do the same thing, when it comes to just spending it on me, I’d spend the money on a big mansion, just cause


ill use it to fund byte


I could definitely see having that much money becoming boring after while. How many yachts would you buy with that money?


Sounds similar to what I would do with that money. What kind of presents for Christmas would you buy?


Like the idea of an iron man suit. Would you try to form the avengers as well?


tbh I would probably donate almost all of it


Think that’s a noble cause. What kind of material objects would you buy?


That interest rate is a what a lot of people would do with that money. What kind of cool stuff would you buy?


After falling down as hard as he did on the pavement, I can see why😂 What inspired the username?


Got to have them shoes boi😂. Like the profile pic. What made you choose it?


I’m sorry, I thought I had put this in off topic category😥


Really like the whole plan behind this. Like the username by the way. What inspired it?


Hey with all that money you could do whatever you want. Noticed you were Tik Tok famous. Do you ever get recognized on the streets by fans?


Really like the idea of supporting family. Definitely important. What countries would you travel to first?


Hey at least your honest😂 Like the profile pic. What inspired it?


Definitely would my own island as well in Hawaii or something. Like the username. What inspired it?


Buying ihop sounds like a good idea. Why not ihob though? :joy: