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If you could live in a foreign country, which one will it be? And why?


Me I think it’ll be Italy, because I love its culture, art, language (and also because pizza, pasta, pandoro, panettone, facaccia, gnnocchi, cappuccino so mostly food and drinks ahah)

(e anche perché gli ragazzi sono bellissimi but :shushing_face::laughing:)


I’d love to go to Spain. People are way more open minded and have got more liberal ideas than a lot of other countries, I love how they live and think.


Probably Japan. I just love what I’ve seen of Japan so far (not just anime you dweebus(not you)) and really wanna go there. V much so


England! Love the land, love its people. I plan to study abroad there one day!


That’s funny, I’m just 4 and a half hour from Barcelona ahah.

But I get it why do you want to live in Spain, people are really nice there


Japan seems such a beautiful country too, it’s such a completely different culture


Never been there, but I’d like to


Colorado. Cool mountains.



I say Cuba, Havana



Such a beautiful square country lol


Yeah. It’s a massive country. Lots of mountains


I live in Japan tbh. Osaka area would be preferable.


colorado is a state!1111


idk maybe like canada or australia


I know ahah, that’s why I’m making fun of


Germany or New Zealand.

Germany because of the Nordschleife, and New Zealand cuz it’s really pretty there. I plan to move when I’m financially stable.


Nordschleife ? What’s that?


possibly the most famous racecourse in the world. and it’s free to the public. <---- I wanna be one of these guys

I wanna live near it so I can drive it alot


Probably Spain then England to improve my soccer skills


That’s great! But be sure to call it ‘football’ because us English folk get salty if someone calls it ‘soccer’ :joy: