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If you could collab with an OG v*ner who would it be?


Calebcity hands down that dude is too funny


I loved Alex Ramos, Josh Kwondike Bar, Daz Black, and Stuggy! I still watch their videos from time to time, and they seem like a lot of fun to hang with! It would be a DREAM to collaborate with at least one of them!


I love that fluffy British man too!


Dope Island


meech and dope island for sure


Hardstop Lucas. Hella underrated and HILARIOUS.


Cody Ko or Mikaela Long for sure. They were the absolute funniest and actually had good content


Y E S Hardstop Lucas never fails to make me laugh! His throat must hurt from all the shouting though :joy:


Thomas Sanders or Liza Koshy lol