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If you could collab with an OG v*ner who would it be?


I wanna know who you’d wanna make a V2 with if u had the chance :grin:

My choice would be Liza


Thomas Sanders would probably be my guy :smiley:


Omggg he is iconic :heart:


Honestly he pretty much got me into vine back in the day.


I would probably say, Liza of course, jumm lele pons, Juanpa Zurita, Jerome Jarre (idk if I wrote it right)


Tbh he did for me too actually. I was living for his surprise storytime v*nes


Yasss they’re great. And ya lol their names are quite hard to spell :joy:


Hahhaha yes its a little hard tho… i love them hahah


definitely LIZZZA KOSHY


Yasssss she is queen


King Bach or Klarity


Yes! They are amazing


Gavin or Liza


They would both be super fun to collab with for sure!


Probably either Sarah Schauer or Quensadilla, I’ve always loved their senses of humor


I love Gavin :joy:


Yea I like their humor as well


Omhhggg Gavin!!! He needs to make a V2 account


Yeesss, pleaseeee!


Dope Island and/or Aaron Chewning