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If You Become byte Famous


Ehh? Repeat yourself. I can’t hear you over my 20k followers! Doesn’t dab cuz that’s out of style


I would become an actor


i honestly don’t want fame, i just want to have fun on v2 and show my creativity !!:grin:


already an actor. This is just helping keep the saw sharp.

But if I can say something, I’d blitz the thoughts of becoming big from your mind, or anyone else thinking about fame and riches. Because to be a content creator, and one that doesn’t have trash content, you’ve gotta put the hours in. Concepts, editing, lighting. This is something that people can’t handle on top of everything that they’re doing.

So once you know how much work it’ll take to really become big on Byte, then you are really ready to do it.


Woah you’re an actor ?!!! What films have you been in o:


I’d want to be a singer :grin:


Ur name does sound familiar where have you worked?


tbh, I don’t even remember all of them. It’s just a big blur now. However, I’m extremely active on Instagram under the same name.


I don’t remember many of them, but I’d say: Curb Your Enthusiasm, a King’s Hawaiian commercial, and Sunset Park (with Michael Trevino). The others I don’t remember because I’m too busy going to auditions and stuff. However, I’m extremely active on IG under thekevinwright also.


Definitely I’d try to branch myself out in all areas! I already act and I’ve modeled a bit, but getting more professional and expanding to bigger brands and films through growing on byte and YouTube will be very beneficial to my career.