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If You Become byte Famous


I just really wanna become someone who puts a smile on people’s faces…


make v2 and youtube videos (maybe an actor)

but im probably not gonna become v2 famous lol


u never no where you’ll go…


Stay on Byte, and try to become a motivation speaker (long term goal)

  1. i would wanna spread positivity around the internet through tweets cause the world seems kinda toxic these days

  2. i would probably start a youtube channel as well and make some vids there


That is definitely what I would do.


david dobrik is the best example for what i would want to do


Nothing I don’t want famee!!!


stay on V2, startup a yt channel and then possibly become an actress???


Go on tour


honestly, i would just go with the flow and see where my creativity takes me lol


I’d loooveeee to become a singer uwu


I’d love to make a living out of my passion which is entertaining people


You’re really pretty. You have the perfect face for a model :blush:


honestly, with my recognition, I would try to get my following bigger on my other platforms and hopefully gain some financial success so I can my parents out with getting a new house and since I have family in South America, I would try hard to get them out of poverty over there !! I also would donate to foundations and help the people in my city out. But also becoming an Actress or Model would be cool!!


Probably an actor and someone who just wants to make people happy… And also philanthropy


My main goal in life… is to blow up… and then act like i aint know nobody… ha ha ha haaa


“Evan…it’s me…Mom!”

“What? LMAO sry can’t hear ya over my 10k followers ya dig ayyy lit lmao fam dabs


lol (dabs hard)