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If You Become byte Famous




Definitely an actor or model


a youtuber for sure


Definitely an actor/comedian and/or voice actor.


Your all looking at it the wrong way. The people that follow you are the perk to being famous. You get to make a impact in other peoples lives.


Idk I would definitely like to work on creative projects and connect with other people. Always wanted to work in entertainment but acting is probably out of my reach and wants lol


some :smiley:


Honestly, and this is gonna sound corny, but i just want to be able to make someone’s day a little better. Put a smile on someone’s face, even if its just one person. Having that amount of following gives you a certain responsibility because people look up to you. Spread a little love in a world full of hate.


yeah, i know what you mean


Tbh wherever life takes me I will still be on v2

  • get pregnant
  • drop out of high school
  • leave the baby in a beguiling, mysterious woodland forest where I assume it will be raised by wolves
  • change my name
  • live on an island
  • return to forest on baby’s 18th birthday
  • realize that the baby was immediately eaten by the wolves after I left
  • finish my high school diploma


Personally , I want to be known as a comedian, actor and public figure. I was originally on the old vine app with 62k and I made videos to not only have my self distracted from depression, but to influence others to not worry about being judged by others and creating things that you love to do and want to do, no matter who may say something. I just want to spread this message again and create better content than I have before. Become a positive influencer is a good goal I have , I want to create that positive community again.


I would still make vids here


I would be a youtuber and if I get lots of money I will get a mansion with a swimming pool and a sports car


seriously? you could do stuff for charity, and you wouldn’t really be wasting your money if you donated it… but it’s your choice :slightly_smiling_face:


i’d just get all my followers to go to my youtube channel :joy:


To be honest, I haven’t thought that much about it. I don’t really expect to be famous on v2. On the off-chance that I actually did become famous as a result of v2, I think it would be in my best interest to use that recognition to spread laughter and positivity online. I know that sounds like wishful thinking and it might not happen, but I guess that would be my goal if I were to become popular. v2 will probably just be a hobby for me, and that’s okay. I respect the opinions of others, and if they become actors, models, comedians, etc. from v2, then that’s great!


i wanna be a voice actor so bad…


Yeah same. I’d just promote all of my social media accounts.


Dream ccareer is voice actress. Cartooning is very tedious but it’s worth every minute~