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If You Become byte Famous


someone who is able to meet famous people… oof


I dont know, iam an actor so maybe i can be a famous actor


I already do stand-up comps at a club in NOLA so I’d probably wanna do that.


Model or actress, I remember when I was younger & started saying lines from my favorite tv shows


I would like to be an actor yes, but also still a comedian cuz i love making people laugh and also maybe a youtube channel idk


Actor :smiley:


I highly doubt I’d ever get to that point, but if I manage to I’d get involved with acting, writing, and activism (I’ll probably end up doing the last one regardless!)


Definitely would continue to use V2 and make a YouTube/Twitch channel.


I believe I’d finish college and become a comedian.


Model & actor. Maybe a film director. Definitely no matter what I choose to do I’ll stay on v2. I hope to get a big platform and use that to educate people about stuff going on in the world


I’d probably continue being a content creator, but maybe spread to new platforms


Make people think, laugh or take positive action will be my only goal with or without app fame.


I will become a actor


I’d probably just stay on v2, I might even make a youtube channel. Main goal is just to entertain people and have fun.


Comedian or actor or both


I’m going make a band called bragicon or 5 seconds of brazil :crazy_face:


If I still enjoyed it and I could sustain off of it, I would probably do it for as long as possible. but then I wanna cHaNgE tHe WoRlD


My dream has always to be a muscian, so I guess my unrealistic end goal is that.

However, a more realistic dream for me is to become a doctor so I’d probably stick with v2 and continue a normal life if/when the app dies down. Mainly just to make people laugh.


End goal? Spread positivity to as many people as I can across all platforms. Maybe help people take their mind off of their stress for a few seconds or minutes and smile


If I become v2 famous and make money out of it I would donate money to hospitals and feed the homeless and also to be honest get cool stuff for me and my family members. Plus my dream is to entertain people it’s what I feel I’m good at