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If You Become byte Famous


Let’s say v2 ends up making you well known. What would you do with that recognition? Would you do like to become an actor?? Model?? Comedian???

Byte Fame/Goals

actor or medel


Actor of course… Tis the end goal


Tbh I’d probably just stay on v2 and maybe start a YouTube channel


something i can hopefully make a difference in the world as


Tbh I don’t know


I’d think being on V2 you’d already have to have that idea, i’d probably become some super edgy comedian and then jump onto Youtube for longer content. You know, funny dark humour, probably lots of bleeped profanity and talking about how life sucks


Idk, I know I want to go to college so I’d probably stay on v2


I completely agree


A musician and I’d wanna make a positive impact on the world via the messages I wanna spread and through my music :smile:


Prolly just stay on V2 because if that’s what I’m going to start on that’s what I will end on


I’d love to be a professional video editor and make some sort of commission to afford an official Adobe Creative Cloud plan lol


Try to be a model I guess?


Film director, etc.


I’m just trying to get well known enough to entertain people. I’m seriously doing a whole mess of stuff just so that someone gets a chuckle or a smile. I’d most likely just keep with YouTube, v2, Twitch, podcasts, and my website. Seems like a bunch when you list it, yeah? Makes me happy. Kills me that I can’t work on them right now.

Kane out.


I definitely want to make a difference, and have fun. You can really help people in ways you couldn’t even imagine!


I got a small, humble following back when v!ne was around and it was cool knowing that people enjoyed the stuff I made. I was only recognized a few times outside of the app but whenever it did happen, it was awkward and I didn’t like it. I dunno, I get anxious and panicky a lot. So realistically, in the unlikely event that I make it big on v2, I think I’d either just keep doing what I was doing and try to ignore anything other than making people laugh, or I’d stop making them altogether/take long breaks because I’d be too anxious and weird about it.


That’s actually really cool! Hopefully you can get a way to make yourself more confident though. It’s easy, all you have to do is believe.(i know it sounds cheesy but it’s true)


I agree with @kaden and @Marko I wanna do good things but I don’t know if I want to be exactly in the spotlight


I think I would just continue the journey of content creator