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If I Had A Quad Trillion dollars for christmas I would...?


Helping out others is always good. No need to be humble


As someone who makes music I can definitely relate to all that. What kind of guitar is that in the profile pic?


:PP (8char)


I’m sorry, what does that mean?


8char is what people type because of the minimum character limit being 8


Fix worldly problems, ie hunger, poverty, homeless, then use the rest to funnel space research so we dont have to worry about overpopulation. Economists predict the world can sustain 15 billion people, were only approaching 8 and there are kids starving to death. If we keep this up at our current rate of reproduction, we will see in this lifetime that the world cannot sustain 15 billion people and we will need to start taking the idea of interplanetary colonization more seriously. Am I the only one that thinks about this?!


Oh okay. Thanks for telling me. Appreciate it.


Sometimes I think about overpopulation, but who knows what the future holds. Maybe 40 years from now, we’ll be in VR .


i would section the money so i can donate as much as i want to lots of charities.:slight_smile:


I would pay back all the debt America had, there for increasing increasing the living standards of many poor people in America, and from there help out poor people, and make my own housing company for the homeless, more shelters for the domesticly abused, male and female, start a movement to fix the family court, start my own car company, etc. etc. Honestly that’s alooooooot of money for one person, so it’ll literally never run out in my lifetime even if I try.


Sounds very kind. Many of the people in the forum said similar things. I believe when you reach a certain level of success you want to give back, whether that’s thru charity or teaching people the skills which got one to their success in the first place


Like what you would do with your money. Agree It would be very hard to spend all that money