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If Dom postpones the app again, would you be mad?


How dare he take the time to get it right


I was messing with y’all


not at all, he should take his time


No, I wouldn’t be sad. Better take your time and make it right and working from day one.


Yes, but no. To me it would be like when Rockstar postponed the release of GTA or RDR. I’ll upset because I was excited for the release to be on the said day but I’m also glad because that would mean he cares about the product he’s releasing out to the world and wants to make sure its as good as can be on launch


Of course not. He would probably be fixing something or needs more time to make the app better.


No, because give the man a break. He is working on an app and I think he want it to be perfect, because expectations are high.
I rather have an app with a few bugs, than an app with a lot of bugs.


Wait, it’s been postponed? Weird


I probably will just be sad