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If Dom postpones the app again, would you be mad?


I know exactly what I would do, I would be screaming bloody hell or bloody murder :joy: :grin:
I know the title is very tricky, what would you do???


Oh my god. I thought this was a real situation. I pooped myself literary.


THIS IS A WHAT-IF SCENARIO, NOT ACTUAL NEWS For anyone wondering. (And I would be disappointed but not mad. Dom’s a busy guy with his reasons.)


Hey buddy can you do us a favor and not click bait…thanks


no clickubaito plzzzzzz

I’d probs explode and then reform. Then be okay :ok_hand:


I was legit scared for a second that he actually postponed it omg


changed the title since it was misleading.


I will be so mad and sad The title scared me at first look


i wouldn’t be mad

i would cry until i have no more tears to cry


I would be saddened fasho


I hope I am on time then. :smiley:


I would be very depresso espresso


I would be upset, but I’d remember that he is a human too, and it’s his app.


If only everyone could be that understanding…


Be disappointed but not surprised. Sometimes engineers try to make things too perfect. I’m not in tech but I do know perfectionism equals poverty. No app ever First released was bug free, not even the good ones today.


i’d throw broth over dan and ramo bc it would b their fault


Shut your up


I just would be sad … and cry :sob: lol jk


I’d be sad


Wouldn’t be mad at all I’d rather have a more complete and comfortable app then somthing unfinished! :grinning: