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If byte were to be released next year


If byte’s release and beta were to be pushed all the way back to next year, what would be the number one feature that would have to be added for you to be ok with it.


a button that makes every account follow me lmao


recategorized to #general-discussion! :grin:


Damn I would die inside :frowning:


I think a lot of people would eventually leave and and the hype would die down until closer to the release I like a lot of the features that have been mentioned though I think it was called burst where people on the app at the time see a secret vide you post, or maybe being able to schedule videos like YouTube not too sure


I’ll probably kill myself with all the waiting :rofl::rofl:


Also it’s called “blast”


It doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t be ok with it. :sob::sob::sob:


I’d sigh the longest sigh


My opinion hasn’t changed since this post:


A delay for a year with a small team doesn’t really let you do much of the stuff I would enjoy like Livestreaming or a chat feature. I just want the app to come out on android at the same time as ios :sob:



Get sent to some hospital due to lack of sleep from waiting for the app and will probably die shortly soon after …


I think the forums would become suuuuper inactive and the hype would be hard to bring back. People would move on to hyping tiktok lol. Knowing the users on this forum, I dont think people care about features enough to want this to happen/be okay with it.