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I wrote the introduction script for the show im writing!


Here it is if anyone wants to read ot! If you just found this and didnt see my other post here is the forum! So I Have A TV Animation Show Idea

Anyways heres the small beginning script! Ill be writing more tomorrow!

Tell me your honest opinions, ill love to hear them!


very good j-man


I like it :+1:


Changed to #promote-yourself

I will admit that at first, the story seemed like a cheesy Wattpad fanfic, however it became intriguing as the chapter went on.

Is this your first script? If so, not bad! (considering the very little experience, of course)


It was really good // just the small typos :heart::ok_hand:


Yes its my first times writing one but thank you so much!!! Ill be writing more of it tonight :slight_smile:


hoorah yess


You should get someone to proofread your script to avoid mistakes and typos :grinning:


Will do! Thank you :slight_smile:


Im going to fix them today, i was typing on my laptop and i cant for somereason left click on the pad, so rip. Thank you!


It’s cool! I’d totally watch it. And i’m already intrigued by the princess…


Shes definitely one of my favorite characters ive written so far! Ill go into detail about her personality when shes introduced for you if you want me to!


Sick! :metal:t5: Keep up the good work


interesting, looks good i gave your other thread So I Have A TV Animation Show Idea a read too, looks really promising.