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I was a bit bored, so i animated the byte logo




That’s awesome :clap:t2: it would be a nice teaser trailer @dom


Dude that is sick!!!


After hours of deliberation with the Council of High Intelligence and Educational Findings or CHIEF, it has been determined that the contents of this such post are classified under “is it” until further notice. Thanks for you patience.


After Effects


dude you got thirty-sneven likes, you’re like a chief now



there’s no emoji for that :sweat_smile:


That looks great, @ryze. Fantastic work!


Woahhhh cool


Can you make same for our Logo! $$$


this is so good!!


Gj again dude, You made the ryze decision.


i see what you did there :wink:


Do you have an ig account?


i don’t have a work-dedicated instagram account yet if that’s what your asking


Just an account in regular where we could talk, we can’t send DMs yet.


i sent a dm, see if it worked