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I’m sure they’ve already decided this but


Yeah, but I think that he should search for another platform.


The video length could just fixed with an update, I don’t think that’s a reason to shut down an entire platform


i think the videos will be of 6.5 secs


I think max 10 seconds would be nice


The 6-second video length was not at all why Vine shut down. If you want to know what really happened read this article in Vanity Fair:

I was on Vine early on, people made all kinds of creative videos in just 6 seconds, including singers and musicians. Vine did try an extended video length near the end, but it didn’t go over well. I didn’t like the longer videos at all. Thankfully Dom said the video length on V2 will be the same 6.5 seconds Vine initially used, a very good decision.


I think Dom mentioned in social media that it would be a 6.66 sec video.:open_mouth:


While it is the successor some things are fine not changing in my opinion in the new iteration.


Why are all these topic ancient :joy:


6.5 seconds just the way i like it


yeah. i think he said its gonna be 6.5


Because I am an ancient user oh young one. Seep in the knowledge of the past.