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I have an idea to save V2! I need your help! Big Project!


OEVO has it’s own forum, hop on over there if you want to shill for that app, this is the V2 Forum.


I would say since v2 is a non starter now sadly it doesn’t matter what we talk about. :grinning: also I don’t shill anything I’m not bitter or twisted about anything and I’m not paid to promote them I just say how it is :grinning:


This is the v2 community forum to discuss v2. OEVO shall be discussed on their forums. v2 is still happening, it’s just delayed.


Where did it say it’s still 100% happening and only delayed?


No, the question is where did you read that the V2 project is cancelled? On the OEVO forum, probably. You keep saying “it’s not happening.” Please read Dom’s announcement again, especially the first paragraph. He used the words “postponed indefinitely.” That could mean a variety of things, including that it will never happen or will happen in a few months. We don’t know for sure.

The above does not mean “V2 is cancelled.” Do you understand?


You assume an awful lot I noticed. I have never been to the oevo forum. indefinite amount of time as Dom states could also mean never, so as a avid content creator I keep my options open rather then sit and wait and hope it may happen one day. Anyhow I haven terrible content to make to post to oevo with the other bad content creators :grinning:


You put smiling faces at the end of your posts but if u read it like your mad it’s sound like you aren’t that actually happy


Great. If you have any more OEVO thoughts or comments, be sure to direct them here:

Welcome to the v2 forum.


dayum yall got no chill, if yall wanna post on oevo go ahead, I do it too, only to keep my social media game goin…dont wanna lose it waiting on v2 :frowning:


Oh My God, that is simply BRILLIANT!


yes, this is an amazing idea! lets’s do it!!!


Yeah I still need more video submissions!


i’m in. so do i send you a vid?


Yeah did you read the paragraph above?


Still need submissions


On it bro, I’ll try to do it asap


casey made a video talking about hiring people! I need submissions for this video so I can finish the video.


So… uh WHAT!


Agreed, I think that this is a great idea.


Sorry for reviving this topic but this would’ve worked