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I have an idea to save V2! I need your help! Big Project!


Hey @Super when are you planning on sending it to him?


I still need more submissions the paragraph is still not completed


Hey @Super just sent over an email about a new idea which I think could really work!!


It’s not happening gonna have to let it go like the rest of us and download oevo like a lot of us have. It’s not the name of the platform that matters it’s the people that populate it

Yo, how about, we don't kill each other over oveo?

Yeeeeep I agree


Hold on… Oevo is just like vine. Dom did not want for V2 to be exactly like vine he wanted to be something different and unique. I’m not sure if this is true but I believe they stole some ideas from the forums, the coin system is an example, someone came up with that idea in these forums to give creators money for their videos. Also the servers are terrible all they wanted to do was release the app early so they can take all of the people waiting for V2 but they rushed it too much and are left with many problems for instance; when you post something it posts three times, everything takes forever to load, the scrolling becomes choppy because it’s trying to play multiple videos as you scroll down, and what ticks me off the most is that when you create and account you are automatically following the creators of the platform so they get popular for no (filmmaking) talent.


When I saw your title this exact same idea came to my mind!


you communicate with Dom now?


Hey guys! Let’s try to keep a positive attitude! :smile: OEVO definitely has its problems and I don’t personally use it. But continuing to argue about it brings nothing but bad vibes and negativity to the forums. :sweat_smile: So let’s let bygones be bygones and just try and support each other! I hope everyone has a fantastic day!! :sunny: :leaves:


All I’m seeing is this forum being spammed by OEVO fans. This is a v2 forum. We should be discussing features and ideas for v2. OEVO should be kept out of this entire forum.


Agreed. :blush:


It for sure seems like OEVO is a hot topic. But fans of OEVO have just as much of a right to be here as anyone! If they want to talk about a thing that they love, who are we to stop them? Sure, you can see V2 and OEVO as rivals, or OEVO as a knock off or whatever, but it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people really like it. So let’s try to focus on all of the good and love here in this great family!


Sorry but it’s a v2 forum. Not a Yuser or OEVO forum. This whole site is to discuss v2. Anyone can be on here but let’s keep discussions about v2.


There is an official forum for OEVO. It’s
There’s no reason for people to be ranting about OEVO if there’s already a forum for it.


I don’t see why. V2 is the thing that brought us all together, yes, but it isn’t out yet. OEVO and others are. People use those to make content that they pour their hearts into. I just think that we shouldn’t hate on them for talking about their content on a platform they love. I, as someone who doesn’t use any kind of social media outside of here, don’t see the difference between all the threads getting people to look at their OEVO accounts and the Instagram accounts. and no one is freaking out about how this is not an Instagram forum. but that’s just my mindset.


Very true. I don’t dislike OEVO. Sure, it’s buggy and unresponsive at times, but it has become a place for people to grow together. I just think OEVO has become such a big topic around here that no one can stop talking about it. I’ve heard some of them are coming here just to promote the app, which is also kinda weird. It’s hard for me to make a good decision about all of this, it’s too much for me to process at once haha


Yeah I understand that. While I don’t approve of people coming here just to promote their app, there is no rule against it. so if they do it in a positive, uplifting way, then I think we are obliged to hear them out. after all, they wouldn’t be promoting it unless they truly cared about it.


Or if OEVO was paying them to do it, but that’s a whole other can of worms. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, fair enough.


What v2 it’s not happening we hold on to the name as we want vine 1 back buts it’s not happening if an app comes up we can post our content to we should use it as vine was only vine because of the community on it not the name. Oevo is growing all the time I’m not paid by them to use it. Yes I wanted v2 for the same reasons as everyone else to fill the void of vine 1 but it’s not happening oevo saw a hole they filled it. Hating on them because they are not vine is crazy we should all be working together to help make it better as it does exist now