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I have an idea to save V2! I need your help! Big Project!


Yeah you could do that




I’m totally down for this!!


Which words do you want?


Do you still need people to send in videos @Super ?


I’ll send you the whole thing and you can chose which ones work best


Yes many


That’ll work


“Your help Casey”

Will send in my part in abit.
Great idea though. :+1:t4:

God bless you for being in this community




We still need more people so don’t think it’s too late


This sounds awesome!

I’d like to take this phrase if that’s okay with you.

Just let me know when you need the recording. :blush:


Alright you can send it anytime


Do you think you could add “from” to the beginning of that?


I was thinking about that, but I thought I would be taking too many words. I’ll be happy to add it if you’re okay with it though.


Yeah that would be better to add “from”


Okay then, I’ll edit my comment. :slight_smile:


What if we were able to get Casey to help and then we called the app ‘368’


I have a question: What exactly are we asking Casey to do? Invest money? Something like that would need Dom’s help and input, too.

For this video to be effective, there needs to be a clear ask, not just saying “we need your help.” Help with what? What kind of help are you asking for?

I’m willing to lend a hand with any part of this, but, to me the message needs honing first before the videos should be recorded. But it appears to be too late for that.


I was thinking more in the lines of advertising