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I have an idea to save V2! I need your help! Big Project!


Not sure, when everyone submits a video I’ll see


I’m definitely down. Not sure what I’m going to say yet tho.


“so we need” my text


I’ll take “hit a rough spot”


Maybe something like “Dom Hofmann, one of the original founders of Vine, brought this community together to help him create V2, but we have hit a rough spot…”

In that case, I’ll take “brought this community together”


oke, what do I need to say in the video, just a paragraph?


I like it


Aight sick


Just pick which words you want and send them in, yes you can say the whole thing if you’d like and I’ll edit it


I’ll take any sentence/words you appoint me. I’d love to be a part of this.

But don’t forget to get Dom’s consent, my dude.


Alright, you could just record the whole thing and I’ll pick the best parts


This is something that @dom should organize.


Yes we need his permission but I feel like the community could do this since we would be using the app later on


gotcha. when do you want this by, dude?


As soon as possible


Dom is committed to another startup.

This video is a cool idea, but how do you expect to “save V2” when the main man himself said he cannot work on it because he’s committed to another startup?


Good idea


I like this a lot can I get “thank you”


It would be awsome if multiple ppl had 7 seconds to explain why they want v2 and make a bigger video outta it


We’ll say “for future creators like us”. We will send it to you this afternoon.