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I have an idea to save V2! I need your help! Big Project!


Alright! First of all HEY its been awhile since I’ve really discussed anything on these forums. I recently got on and saw the disappointing news and I have an incredible idea that will either completely work or not at all. However, it’s all down to us and how many participate in this project! So PLEASE READ the rest of this if you would like to save this amazing app.

Ok so is everyone familiar with Casey Neistat? and his new series kinda called 368? Well if you haven’t heard of him he is a YouTuber with 9 Million subs who recently started a new series called 368 and it is sorta a company that will help small creators who need help starting. Kinda sounds just like us and this whole app :thinking:.

Well the CEO of Patreon made a quick video a couple months ago saying that he could help Casey in this company and the video blew up which got Casey’s attention and invited him on board to help. This would mean that they would have a system of funding their projects and creators that wanted to start through big creators.

This is were we come in. I’m willing to make a video that explains what V2 is and the background knowledge to the outside people who don’t know about V2 yet and also explain the problem we are facing at the moment with the finance and legal issues. Then after that ask Casey Neistat if he could help out with the project since it’s right down his ally and maybe have V2 creators become apart of the team.

Then finally I was trying to think of an idea to show all the supporters of V2 and had this amazing idea, what if I presented a paragraph and each person from the forums (or as much as we can get) were to record and read one or two words and then were put it into one big video that I would attach to the end of the video to Casey. So here is the paragraph:

Hello, this is V2 we are a new generation of creators from all around the world that want to make a start and an impression for future creators like us. Dom Hofmann, one of the original founders of Vine, brought this community together to help him create V2. We would not be here if it weren’t for him, but we have hit a rough spot and have had some problems so we need your help Casey. From all of us at V2 we thank you!

Just say which words you want to say in the comments below and I’ll bold the words so people know they are taken. Then when you are done record you saying the words you picked and send it to my email:

Now once the video is done and posted I will need everyones help to spread the video like wildfire and make sure everyone sees so Casey finds it.

To @Dom: I want to help as much as possible for this app to work and I know how much it means to you. Also when I say for Casey to help I’m not speaking for you and giving the V2 app to him I’m speaking as the creators and for the community to help you fund and give the creators some hope. Also I think it would really help if you were to make a GoFundMe thingy, I’d link it in the video and everything if you were too.

Sorry if somethings weren’t clear I’d be glad to clarify in the comments I just had to get this out there ASAP and please give feedback and suggestions in the comments


This is an amazing idea. READ THIS

This is an amazing idea. I’d like to have 3 words please, “Hello” “V2” and “Help” This is such a great idea dude. And like you said, it could work and it might not. But I think it might just work.


Nice idea my dude! Just I reckon we might need doms consent first???


Also, I hate my voice so just use google translator and get that robot voice for me! :joy:


I’d be interested in doing this.

Question: Would 2 words be easier? Or recording the whole paragraph, sending it to you, and letting you edit into one paragraph?


This thing would have no effect on the company but possibly donations and funding which he already receives from backers. and most likely it would be a yes.


I think 2 words would be easier


lol are you willing to send in a video?


Not to be a pessimist but we gotta keep it realistic

  1. By the term, creators, it seems Casey is more into funding YouTubers not companies
  2. Legal issues might cause v2 to be undesirable
    3 GoFundMe is being tried, but it really relates to legal problems too. With the additional aspect of the ons of fake GoFundMe campaign for v2, i doubt people could actually fine the right one
  3. This is with the assumption the video gets popular, which is incredibly hard to due
  4. Let me stress v2 is a company, not a you be channel. It’s much more difficult to work than a YouTube channel
  5. Casey probably doesn’t have the power to pull v2 outta the mud. Money will help, but Dom hasn’t 100% claified what was the problem (possibly due to legal issues)

Yeah, so basically, if you try keeping it real, it sounds like a real implasiable idea. I like the enthusiasm, but the plan probably won’t work


It’s always worth a shot, and it’s the best thing that we could have control of doing.


Great idea!


And also to follow up this 368 thing isn’t entirely for youtube. Yes the majority of the people are youtubers but Casey is looking for “creators” on any platform and presenting V2 to him will give him… well… there are +12k creators on these forums so many options for contacting creators. Basically a goldmine of creators.


DUDE I am so down for this, this is a really good idea, I’ll just send you a video of me saying everything and you can choose what words you want me to say if that’s alright with you :slight_smile:


:ok_hand:t3: Alright glad to hear so many people are participating


“From all of us” for,me


I’m so down to help out! We all want to see this app develop & flourish, it’s worth a shot!

Might be cool to have everyone send a full video of them saying the entire paragraph, then you can pic & choose who says what. If that’d take too much time, I understand, but I’ve seen the work you put into projects :wink:


I had this exact same thought actually. The video would have to be R E A L L Y well done though. The patreon ceo’s Video was creative unique and overall an incredibly good video and his offer was too good, too spicy to refuse. it can’t just be a good message or anything like that it has to be big and tempting!


This sounds like a great idea. But I’m just not sure if Dom even uses the forums anymore though, he didn’t respond to the patreon idea either so idk…


DEFINETLY WORTH A SHOT. When is the video coming out??


Yes I’m up for the challenge