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I have an amazing idea!

It’d be nice as a separate section to have.

I think a great way to put this into the app would to have two different sections. Your normal timeline where you see people’s videos that you follow and just scroll through them. Then another section. It could be like an explore page where it shows you a random video probably from “artist On the rise” and can swipe left or right and then uses an algorithm to get you your favorite artists and videos. Also swiping right can like it but swiping left has no affect


Lol I said earlier 2 different sections plus you would get limited amount of swipes per day and maybe even the chance to go back 1 and it wouldn’t spam because of limit

Oh, geez. I didn’t see that, woops.

Would be awesome if you read all my posts in this section about it and read the whole thing, Thank You, please don’t criticize before you read the whole thing

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hey can you help me with posting i have no idea thanks

Check your notifications for discobot and follow what it says. It gives you a walkthrough of everything. Also:

I’ve read what you had to say and my points still stand.

thanks :sunglasses:

whats your deal

He can dislike the idea right? Just being honest

I’m giving feedback on what they suggested.

Sounds cool

I don’t know, I’d like more to be similar to Instagram. Swiping every video you watch…If it comes normally, you like or dislike but swiping in my opinion looks oldfashioned…

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I get what you’re trying to say, but I don’t think that this would necessarily be a good thing for V2. Like sometimes I just wanna sit down and watch a bunch of loops/videos (I don’t know if it has an official name yet) because I got time on my hands, and other times maybe not. Plus sometimes when I watched Vines on the original Vine, I would watch a Vine and go watch other and then go back to rewatcj some again.
Swiping, to me, just doesn’t seem like it would be beneficial to V2. Going up and down just seems like it would be more practical.

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I guess it has pros and cons but it’s a fairly good idea

i dont like that their would only be 50 likes a day. you should get unlimited and also i dont really like the idea of swiping left and right.

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Really late to this post, but I do agree with you that the idea is cool in concept but would probably be really annoying in practise

Damn this post old, nonetheless I do like this as an explore feature on byte

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lol ya really late

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