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I have an amazing idea!


What if V2 content viewing system was designed like tinder and YUBO apps? You swipe on content you like and swipe the other way on content you don’t like . Let’s say you get 50 swipes on content you like per day so it’s not abused but your also picky about which ones you enjoy and which content rises other instead of who created it. Then ones that got popular will reach a main page that everyone can see and the less popular ones will be shown more in the swiping area. What do you think?


good idea, placing this in idea and features.


Thanks I really think this would be an amazing design for V2


Sounds cool. But… how I am going to be able to find the ones I already watched? do I have to skip to another section ? I like apps where I can come back by scrolling to the old or recent posts.


Don’t think it’s the best idea tbh


You just go to different section to see all ones you’ve liked


Good idea but let’s just stick to Scrolling instead of Swiping…


Sounds like a good idea… love it


I like the idea, is very funny to do it


I feel like someone already mentioned this idea before with swiping for quality posts, but it still sounds a great idea :+1:


I think it should be a “searchable app” and not limited and I think that’s not the best concept to the app


Genius, it’d be so addicting


It could be both


Good idea but v2 isn’t tinder lol


Good idea!


I think that this might be a slight gateway to a popularity contest. People might end up feeling devalued if they see that their content is not as appreciated if there is a group of people that are constantly making the main page. Even if that’s not the case, people shouldn’t stress over whether or not they will be swiped. There’s already a nope button


I quite like this idea but I wouldn’t want it as the main way of watching videos. Maybe if they run competitions you could have that and the more right swipes your submission gets the higher up in the competition you come.


It’s a good idea and I’d like it but I agree with some other comments and for the app I’d prefer swiping


Personally I prefer scrolling but cool idea


Hmm not that much of a fan of this tbh. I like to see everything and give everything I like a… Yeah… Like! XD

And I think it’s better for a “social media” to be able to seek and scroll on your own. It would be very limited this way.