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I got 52k on Instagram and wanna link with smaller creators before byte drops


Christian.Valtori is my Instagram if you looking for a small creator like me


Never :rofl: makes u wanna apologize to everyone you’ve talked to


Side Note: Aye bro I came across your instagram one time. Ninja you roast weird. :joy::rofl:
I forreal thought you had a medical condition.


About to follow now


Lmao well ig that lets me know my videos are spreading around :rofl: funny is run into someone on here and I believe you I actually tell people I do sometimes to see the reaction :coffin:

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mine is @021ramo


Just followed

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Just followed


thanks i gotchu


was kinda contemplating if i should reply to this bc my byte ig will just be a place to put longer bytes and memes :eyes: but hey why not :blep:





Never use insta but recently made a Twitter if you want to follow @Atorenn


@imjustinnovoa on twitter and @justinuwunovoa on Instagram




Just followed u


Just followed you bro :heart::muscle:t5:

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Just followed you

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Followed you on both just now :muscle:t5:



Just followed you. Keep posting man, you’re on a roll!