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I finally got a snapchat, what's the point


So I know theres a lot of “post your snapcode” threads, but I am not just trying to promote my snapchat.

I just made a new account (I havent been on snapchat since like 2014/2015).

So my question for yall is; what’s your favorite thing to do besides just like. Streaks. I never realized how many ads there would be, the filters are fun, but what’s the main reason you use snapchat?


oh and my username is leaping.spirit if yall wanna mutual


My snap is alanandallen :relieved:

And my favorite thing is being a girl


Not sure this answers the question… Alex uses snapchat mainly to send me videos of him singing dancing queen


I use it because it is the main way to communicate for my age group.
You never ask for someone’s number anymore unless you are close, you ask for their snap instead.


Going with what ramo said every one has SC and if you meet someone new that’s what you ask them for, it’s become a natural way to send photos and videos of you doing stupid things with and to your friends where as although other social media has that ability it doesn’t have the same feel they are more based around text. I have just come to like it over the years.


Yes totally. I also like it because it’s like my communication “hub”. Everyone I’d ever need to talk to is on there except for like my parents.

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As a dude it never appealed to me, but the girls we’re on it, so that’s pretty much it.

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