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I feel bad for dom


@dom I’m not gonna pretend like I know what is happening to you but I have an idea. So I feel bad because ever since his announcement about postponing V2 everyone’s replies on his Twitter have BEEN NOTHING BUT PURE SALT like all of you people need to chill :wink:


I know, people really need to chill. We don’t know what goes in to creating an app, especially an ap with as much anticipation as V2. Ppl are way too salty abt the postponement.


People are just really passionate, they need to realize that it will come out, we just need to wait.


I agree. Silly little sods they are.


A lot of people probably heard about the possibility of a V2 not ■■■■■■ and then said “why not become famous”, Unfortunately Dom postpones the amazing app and all the nut jobs seeking an easy way to internet stardom through entertainment came to the conclusion that their life was over.

PS: For those of you that don’t know the term V I N E 2 is censored