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I don't think you guys realize how big this is


For years people have been wanting quality content off the internet. For Vine1, we weren’t prepared. No one knew how big VINE was gunna get. Vine sparked alot of good content to the point where some comedians on instagram’s content looks identical to that of vines. I’m Syked! Can’t wait for all of us to come together. Byte will make the app store a better place.


Byte will surely kill the competition, seeing as how it’s basically what a huge majority of the internet loved. I think it’ll be (dare i say) super awesome!


There’s no doubt about it in my mind! Don really has it made


I believe byte will blow up fast. Vine was massive and now there is a huge hole that TikTok is trying to fill (unsuccessfully) I believe that TikTok is just blowing up because it is the closest thing to vine that exists currently. byte will fill that hole and people will come rushing.


True if Tik Tok can blow up then byte’s chances are pretty good :joy:


byte will take the views of Tik Tok, i don’t like Tik Tok but you have to give them credit, they took the over sexualized pre-teens of and the cringe comps of Tik Tok and made the publicity it wanted and made it big. Tik Tok got big because of cringe but people genuinely miss :vine: and the byte app will bring back and create so many new moments for people.


byte is going to BLOW UP!


I think the unknowingness made it easy for a new style of comedy to come from many geniouses that have now moved to bigger things. I hope new styles can come from byte instead of people trying to copy each other. But idk


Byte will fill all holes iykwim


Byte will be huge and that hypes me sooo much.


byte be like: my main goal is to blow up… and then act like i don’t know nobody

How popular do you think this will be?

Technically, that term contradicts itself. My friends are huge nerds so I refrain from saying such things otherwise I’ll get hit on the head with a 1st edition dictionary :joy:


I agree 100%


It’s pretty darn big…


It’s going to be a new era for sure


spiky toothed laughter