I didn't get this badge!


I have visited 150 consecutive days, but for some reason i don’t have the aficionado badge!!! It’s a bit weird, oh well


Ah maybe its a glitch. I didnt recieve a few badges that I was supposed to get but oh well. I care more about V2 than a badge :joy:


There are tons of people who don’t seem to be getting a bunch of different badges. It’s weird.


Weird, that’s what it’s like for me with the sharing link badge :\


same for a lot of badges for me. there’s always glitches. who knows?


I thought it was just a 100 day badge not a 150 day badge


Well it is a 100 day badge, but i just noticed i was on the forums for 150 days, so i techincally shoulda got the badge (dont think im some badge psycho who needs all the badges to function properly i dont care honestly :joy:)


It’s cool having badges or not it helps you find some excitement or entertains while waiting on the app