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I am now confused


What are V2’s videos gonna be called…? Vines? Or V2’s… :thinking:


creations i think??? brooo i have no idea


I don’t know I’m stumped.


The app will most likely have a different name than “V2” so depending on the app’s name and theme will probably determine that!


Definitely not vines because we don’t wanna be sued lmao and Dom maybe suggested that V2 won’t be the name so we really don’t know yet


Oh really? I didn’t know that… I was confused when @Parkachu said that it wont be V2. Oh well. Thanks!


All speculation, but dom mentioned that one of the things in his upcoming announcement is “an update about the name” and I’m guessing that means it’ll be different!


Videos :grimacing::grimacing:


Works of art? Masterpieces? 6.5 seconds of happiness? :joy:


i believe i saw somewhere that we’ll be called artists? so maybe v2s will be called creations?

or stick with v2s? i know it doesn’t roll off the tongue like v*ne but it’ll do imo.