I am itching for the Beta more and more


ARE YOU?!?:vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine::vine:


Sameeeee. Im mainly itching for the full app release


Same heree, can’t wait for all the new things to see :smile: :smile: so glad it’s coming back !!


I cant wait anymore


I MEAN WHO ISN’T! I wanna be one of the first beauty people on there and I think this could literally be life changing for me. The waiting is making me crazy though!


Maybe this will help…



LOL I’ma need some of that


HAHA ill take 10 please


Guess we’ll have to wait. I know Dom is trying his very best to get it out to us!


I honestly have no patience anymore :joy:


Very itchy




You and me both. They say patience is a virtue but in all honesty I had to take a few days from the forum because I hyped myself into damn-near nonexistence. :joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy: I’m too hyped but I’m still here


The itch is real! Not a day goes by where I’m NOT thinking about v2 :’)


its coming boi


The itch will soon be scratched… lol