Hype spike


A lot of people are saying the forums are dead but that is simply not true everyone please reply and show your support :grinning:

LETS COUNT TO 5000, (If that's possible, who knows)
When I first found out about v2
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What was your favorite part about the first Vinee?
LETS COUNT TO 5000, (If that's possible, who knows)

Yeah the forums are totally still alive!! I love coming here every day to see the neat things everyone’s doing. :smile:


The forum is a little less active, but thats ok! Lots of people still come online and show support to Dom.


I think after :vine:2 was postponed people left because they thought that there would be no :vine:2 but then people all ready left when dom announced that he was going to have a fresh start.


It’s quieter for sure but not dead


A . L . l . V . E


haha I was here for the first few months and then stopped posting and forgot my password so I just rejoined today because I remembered about it again :joy:


leave it to dom for the hype spike


Sure theres not as many pepole as before but ive seen pepole that haven’t posted in months comeback


Forum isn’t dead, people just talking less and lowkey check here expecting good news




Thanks for all the support guys share the topic so if anyone is having second thoughts about V2 they can remember how they felt when dom first announced it :grinning:


This is our community and we honor it :sunglasses:


i’m alive but not living, u feel me


I’ve been a little inactive of late, but I still love this place.


We are ALIVE and we’ll alwas be :sunglasses:


I made a Snapchat lens for those feeling nostalgic about Vine :slight_smile:



Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:


Make sure you like the topic if you haven’t already so everyone can find it easier :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah Suh dudes