How to make good comedy videos


Hey guys! I can’t wait for v2 to come out and I would really like to start making some videos, but I’m really picky about the work I do and want it to be good, so I’m curious about how you guys think of good content that will make other people laugh. I’ve thought about this for a long time and have some ideas, but nothing exceptional. I guess my question is, what gives you creativity to think of new, good ideas? Thanks!


I’m totally different. I just do what ever comes to mind and improvise. Although I usually try to do some planning whilr I’m filming. I feel that making videos should come from the heart and you shouldn’t worry about the final product if you felt happy while making it.

(Sorry that was kind of cheesy but thats how I feel about it :sweat_smile:)


I got vids planned. I prefer “short to the point” comedy


I have very easy to have ideas, i am a very creative man so the ideas came alone when i am doing something. You can “train” your brain in that way (creative) or watching video to how to be more a creative person, also you can watch a lot of comedy movies and tv show.


I usually get my ideas from everyday things that I find funny or something really random that comes into my mind :laughing:


What I try to do is take everyday occurences and put a twist on them.


I think random stuff is funny… scripted/acted out stuff is funny aswell… I just think spur of the moment things are awesome but it’s all abt timing.


comedy is expectation subversion. Just think of a situation, how you would react and then think how would spongebob or patrick react and bob’s your uncle you’ve got comedy