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How to handle bullying by (few people in) the Byte community?


Hi everybody,

My name is Rotem and I’m one of the co-founders of Bits app.

I’m not sure if you heard about us (I believe someone wrote about us couple of week ago) but we are an app for creating short comedy videos that are based on hashtags. Our focus is on making the life easier for the creators to create original comedy. This is why we provide all what the creator needs in our app, from idea inception to editing and we do not allow external uploads (every content you see in the app was 100% created within the app).

One of the reasons we created Bits is because we loved Vine so much (and we are looking forward for Byte). We believe there is a big difference between what we are doing to what Vine was. The big one is that we are a more of a sketch comedy app and vine was a general looping videos app.

The reason I’m writing this post is because we started to see a trend of 1 star reviews by people from this amazing community. We tried to ignore it but the last one was just too much (see image).


I must stress that (as opposed to other apps) we never said we are replacing Vine nor Byte. We have the most highest respect for Dom and we are shocked from the implication that we sell any information about our users. You see, we are working on this company for the last 3.5 years 24/7 and giving a unjust bad review is significantly hurting all the hard work we invested in Bits app.

I know that 99.999% of the people here will never do something like that and I hope this post will make the 0.001% to stop.

Thank you!


This kind of sucks, and to be honest it’s wrong that people rate other apps badly purely because they aren’t byte. I’m sure that you and your team worked hard to put together what you did.


Thank you @Daniel, we appreciate your support.


oh man, i’m sorry about this. this sucks (the negative reviews)

i have to be honest though, until i read this, i thought your app was copying byte, mainly because of the name, but now i see there’s nothing malicious about it at all. i hope people realise that! the idea around it seems cool btw, i wish the best of luck

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Thank you @ShonziTho , the name comes from the saying: do a comical bit :smile:


It’s okay, sorry about anything like this. I hope your concept will be able to lift itself off of the ground. People should not have done that, but thank you for staying mature and professional about this nonetheless


Thank you @arf


Sorry to hear this, unfortunately there are very mean people out there :disappointed:. Keep doing your thing guys :hugs:!!


Appreciate it @christyonce


Keep working hard, it’s amazing the fact that you and your team didn’t stay quiet and decided to do something to solve this issue. On the other hand I get that people tend to judge before actually really knowing what they’re talking about but that’s no reason for you to tolerate it. :clap:t3::clap:t3:


Thank you @Chabe for the kind words


There are some people in this community who will do this out of fear that your app will take over I’m extremely sorry that this happend


Sorry to hear you’ve had this happen to you. Our community has seen a few other apps literally call themselves V2 and pretend to be Dom in an effort to trick people into getting the app. There have been several fake “V2” apps since Dom’s initial announcement so the community has definitely garnered some trust issues when it comes to similar apps.

Thank you for saying something, and I hope that your app can find success! The concepts you talked about in your description of the app sound very intriguing!! Best of luck moving forward!


Thank you @VicNeedsToChill


I understand and know some of the so called “V2” apps. Thank you @Parkachu for the support.


sorry to hear that people are doing this :confused:


It honestly sucks how people bash other social media platforms that in any way resembles vine/byte. Its toxic. It bothers me when people come in and say “ThIs APP wilL kiLl tIk TOk!!!1!” Or that its stupid and it should die all because it’s not vine or byte. Im sorry to hear that is happening to you, and I hope that it stops soon.

People shouldn’t bash other peoples work for these things. Your app sounds much more different either way, and I’m sure if people gave it a try, they’d also like it. Its nice to know youre working on originality, thats really awesome in my opinion! It gives a nice new flare! And, I gotta tell ya, maybe it will be nicer to see new comps except for “vine comp 3919 vines youve never seen” that start off with the “my name jeff” vine. Ill give the app a try.
Unless if theres somehow another fatjesusman.
Ill fight them to the ends of the earth :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Good luck on your app!!!


lol thanks @FatJesusMan. Don’t worry, fatjesusman handle is still open on Bits :smiley:


Downloaded the app. Pretty neat. Got the handle “dylan” but that sucks man. It’s a terrible coincidence, I’ve had something like this happen to me multiple times.

I worked a month on this one video I was really happy about and some huge YouTuber released a video very similar a day before I was going to. Had to scrap the whole video because I didn’t want to make it look like I was copying and stealing ideas. Internet is a crazy place.

Dom had to scap the name V2 because someone copped it before he could. Keep doing what you love and hopefully people will see your work for what it is.


Thanks @Super! I’ve just started to follow you :smile: