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How to grow on "byte"


I want to be a comedian and be famous on “v2” but will it be that easy?Here are some tips on how to grow on “v2”.

  1. Be active

Being active is important because you can’t grow if you only post once a month.In my opinion you should post from 2-5 (or more) v**es per day.received_1119104224894123

  1. Using hashtags

Using hashtags will make people reach you, in the beginning no one will know who you are so using hashtags will make everyone see you.##

  1. Collaborate with other creators

Collaborating is such a great idea.You can make new friends and people can discover you from others.Will make people want to see you more.

  1. Create understandeble videos

In your perception it might be funny but not in other people perceptions.Create videos where your voice is understandeble and clear.

  1. Shout out other people

Shout out other people (those ones who you know) so they can shout you out too (maybe) and more people will discover you.

Replay me down what do you think and I hope you find this tips helpful :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow u really worked hard to put this post together v niCE and helpful


10/10 gifs


I like what you did, its very helpful.


that means if you want to grow on the app you need to use hashtags


that means if you want to grow on the app you need to use hashtags in your post to grow and get a following


Ty 4 paying it forward to the community.


bro this has helped so much, ive got it written down so i can get the best start, all the best to you too


i agree with this method of growth, for it is the natural and yet doable approach.