How To Get All Badges [Getting Started]


Thank you so much buddy :heart:


:b: 8characters


Just an update, I finally got the badge a few weeks ago XD


congratz! lmao


@DeltaDawx im confused on the email thing, how do we do it, i enabled the third option on email preference and still dont get it
please can u help me :slight_smile:


after you enable that option, if someone responds to you, you should get the email (check your email). Then reply to it on your email


@DeltaDawx OMG thank you so much, it worked :slight_smile:


hey look I quoted a post!


First Share I hope I did it!


First Share Ok, now I hope I did it!


Vine OK, I think i did it for real!






Nice job



Earned it!


Just trying to receive the First Link badge rn :wink:


Received it! Your list is so helpful thank you sm! :smiley:


UPDATE: It didn’t work :\


@arf For a share I think it would count when your link shows as a thumbnail instead of a hyperlink in your post :face_with_monocle:

Well, maybe that’s just for the “First Link” badge when you post a link of one topic to a post of another topic :thinking: