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How To Get All Badges [Getting Started]


This is a guide on how you can earn all the “Getting Started” badges on the forums!
Here is a list of all the badges:
You can click on the name of the badge to go to the description.

Autobiographer: Fill out your user profile and select a profile picture. To access your user profile: Click on your account (Top right) > Settings > Profile.

Certified: Complete the new user tutorial. To do this, go to your messages, and click on the message from discobot and type “@_discobot start new user” (Without the underscore)

Editor: Edit a post. To edit one of your posts, click the pencil icon under a post and make the required changes

First Emoji: Use an emoji in one of your posts. To insert an emoji, either press the smiley face menu or type a colon and select an emoji from the drop down menu. :slight_smile:

First Flag: Flag a post. To flag a post, press the “Show More” button (3 dots) under a post, and click the flag. You will then be given the options to: Send the person a message, or notify staff if the post is: Off-Topic, Inappropriate, Spam, or something else.
Reminder: Please DO NOT flag a post to get this badge if there is nothing wrong with it.

First Like: Like a post. To like a post, press the “Heart” icon under the post.

First Link: Add a link to another topic. To add a link, reply to a post, and enter the link to another thread.
Reminder: Do not spam or post random links. If a user made a duplicate thread, post the links to a similar one

First Mention: Mention a user in a post. To mention a user, type “@” followed by their name.
Example: @DeltaDawx

First Onebox: Post a link that gets oneboxed. To do this, post a link (of another thread) on a line by itself.

First Quote: Quote a post. To do this, highlight a part of another persons comment and select “Quote” when it pops up

First Reply By Email: Reply to a post by email. You will need to enable email settings.
To enable emails: Click on your account (Top right) > Settings > Emails > Enable third option.

First Share: Share a link to a reply or topic. To do this, click the Share button (Chain), and post that link in a message or reply.

New User of the Month: Granted to two users per month. Measured by how often their posts were liked, and by whom. Currently, only @tanner and @pasquale have this badge

Read Guidelines: Read the community guidelines. Click Here to go to the community guidelines

Reader: Read every reply in a topic with more than 100 replies.
Reminder: Seems to have a bit of delay.

Licensed: Complete the advanced user tutorial. To do this, go to your messages, and click on the message from discobot and type “@_discobot start advanced user” (Without the underscore)

Keep in mind, there may be a delay with earning some badges, just be patient.

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Thanks for this!


Nice helpful thread.
Any other questions about the forum, refer to this thread


Thanks. :slight_smile: I do not quite get the email part, but I will find out.


This is very helpful. I have almost all of them anyways.


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This can help you


I’ve read the guidelines over and over and still haven’t gotten this badge XP At this point I feel like it’s mocking me XD

Is there something I’m missing? Or a glitch?


maybe try scrolling from top of page to the VERY bottom. otherwise, it could be a glitch


I have been doing that :confused: I’ll try it again, but I don’t know if there’s anything else I can really do. What happens if it is a glitch? Just nada?


I guess if it doesnt work, it could come after a delay, or its glitch. :confused:


Dang it XP ok, well thank you for your help!


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what did i have before?


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