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How To Ethically Grow Your Account On v2


hell yea. NEVER MISS A DAY. grind 24/7… i honestly cant wait to get started… im gonnna make sure it never stops!


That’s some pretty sound advice! Thanks for sharing with us! :smiley:


That’s the spirit!


oh whats that good and useful information? ill just take that thank you very much


Love this. Thank you for sharing your insight!


Great tips!


cant wait for V2 to start so 3 videos a day should help me grow fast


wow this was actually super insightful and helpful, thanks so much for posting this!


So now u a popular singer nice bro


I mean posting every single day anywhere is rough & exausting I don’t recommend it.
But if you want to do it you should plain it like
-Monday, film 7 to 10 vines
-Tuesday, write vines, organise ideas
-Wedenesday, edit 5 to 10 vines
And maybe add another day if you want.
I’m trying to do that on the fake v2, but it quickly becomes a full time job, which is cool because I love it but coming from other form of art I know that, this is the best way to burn out really quick.
(In comedy at least)

I think you should like to do this for 1 or 2 weeks so you have a cool backlog of content that people can discover while you make the rest whenever you want to.
Also not making things alone is a good way to have more fun doing it, the memories you will form will be more glamourous than you alone in your room repeating a line for 5 minutes.


Thank you for sharing this with us!


yup, sometimes the memories are the most valuable things you can get :+1:


this helped me so muc! thanks dude


Bro i need to get more friends. But like in real life not here.


This is fantastic! Also I love that you changed the title because yes, it is about ethically growing the platform, while connection with other like-minded creative individuals. Vine became a lot more fun when I started involving my friends and collaborating with other people. My ideas are better and more fun to produce when I’m involving others in the creative process!


Thanks for the heads up!


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alot of help here! needed this. The breakdown of early Vine was interesting :nerd_face:


i still think this post is ahead of its time


Great post and well said